Easter Malted Chocolate Cake

Do you need a quick but impressive cake for your Easter dessert table? This Easter Malted Chocolate Cake is just the thing. Nothing complicated here. Just combine the ingredients gently in the mixer bowl, bake in 3 pans and fill with a simple malted buttercream. Sour...

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Zucchini Frittata with Pea and Celery Salad

I think frittata is in my DNA. Growing up frittata showed up on the dinner table regularly and I didn't always like it. All the other kids at school were eating fish and chips or roast lamb. We ate things they had never heard of and that was hard for a 70's child. As...

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Baklava – A Baker’s Odyssey Challenge #59

What's the best baklava you've ever had? Was a Greek or Lebanese baklava? Come to think of it - is it baklava or baklawa? A couple of years ago on a visit to Melbourne I had the most delicious baklava ever from a Greek stall at the Queen Victoria markets. The flavours...

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In my Kitchen

In my kitchen in February it was hot and not a lot of baking was happening. The kitchen was filled with plenty of fresh fruit and cooling salads. This summer has proven to be good growing weather. By that I mean, heavy showers followed by sun but it also equates to...

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Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven. Don't you think? I first made this chocolate tart back in May 2013 with dark 70% cocoa chocolate and roasted hazelnuts and it was delicious. Consequently when I needed a delicious but easy dessert my mind went back...

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Nuts and Bolts for a retro snack with drinks

This is spicy and crunchy snack, commonly known as Nuts and Bolts here in Australia, delicious to have with a cold beverage. Who would think that combining mixed nuts, pretzels and a breakfast cereal with some flavourings would result in an irresistible snack? This is...

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Welcome to Marcellina in Cucina


My little kitchen is in the middle of the sugarcane fields of far north Queensland, Australia. I hope to inspire you to cook and bake like an Italian.
Italians cook from the heart and for the love of those we feed.

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