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Photo of founder of Marcellina in Cucina

Hello fellow foodies and welcome to Marcellina in Cucina!

I am Marcellina, the founder of Marcellina in Cucina.

Maybe you’re interested in knowing more about me personally, click this link.

What are you going to find here at Marcellina in Cucina

First of all, I will teach you to bake and cook like an Italian, be inspired by the good produce around you, most of all create your dishes with love for those you are feeding. That’s the Italian in you!

Here you will find lots of good Italian recipes for everyday dinners and meals. I will reveal the tips and tricks of Italian cooking I learnt from my family. How to create the perfect risotto. How to make filled pasta. How to bake beautiful biscotti. It’s all here and more.

Also at Marcellina in Cucina baking recipes abound. I have been baking since forever and want to share with you all that I have discovered in the wonderful world of baking with delicious Italian recipes and ingredients.

Most of all I’ll find the good recipes for you and share the ones that have worked for me. And if it’s not working for you, contact me…we will figure it out together.

What won’t you find here

Finally, I will make no apologies that you won’t find recipes dedicated to the latest fads that usually include those hard-to-find, more-expensive-than-gold ingredients. Unashamedly, I do not follow trends.


Recipes on this blog use Australian measuring spoons

1 tablespoon = 20mls
1 teaspoon    =  5mls

More conversions can be found here

The size of eggs make a big difference to some recipes. Marcellina in Cucina uses extra large 70g eggs.

Working with me

If you are interested in working with me, I will be open to your suggestions. Let’s talk!

I will always disclose sponsorship or affiliation. Any reviews will be open and honest.


How to get more

You can get more by clicking here to join the Marcellina in Cucina email list. All of the latest Italian recipes, tips and secrets will arrive in your inbox regularly.

Being an Italian is in my blood but you can cook and eat like an Italian too and share in the joy of good food.

I’d loved to hear from you so drop a line or comment, it means a lot to me.

Marcellina xx