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Ice Cream,  summer and a facelift! This mango and passionfruit ice cream is so easy and delicious. While our summer in North Queensland is hot and humid,  lots of ice cream helps us get by. And a face lift – noooooo, not me! Marcellina in Cucina!  And she is  looking pretty good, don’t you think? We have been working hard behind the scenes for the last few weeks and are confident all is well and up and running.  If you are new here, welcome! If you are a return visitor, many thanks. I hope you all enjoy  Marcellina in Cucina at her new and sparkling site.
Mangoes and North Queensland go hand in hand. Driving north up the coast, mango orchards are a common sight. While mangoes are in season, roadside stalls are often spotted selling mangoes by the bucketful. Actually, I have to tell you, with four mangoes trees, I do get sick of mangoes so into the freezer they go.  My freezer is full of surplus mango cheeks and passionfruit pulp so I can make this quick and easy ice cream whenever the desire strikes. Combining mangoes with passionfruit is a no brainer.

Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream
The secret of this mango and passionfruit ice cream is the frozen mango. Whizzing the frozen mango in the food processor creates a delicious pure fruit sorbet. Adding the passionfruit, sugar and cream is elevating it to another level.
Have all your other ingredients well chilled and you can be tucking into luscious mango and passionfruit ice cream in less than 20 minutes. If you prefer a firmer consistency, by all means, pop it into the freezer and allow about 2 hours for a scoopable ice cream. The beauty about the high quantity of mango is that this ice cream never freezes rock hard plus that makes it low in fat which means you can eat more of it. It keeps well for a week or so…hmmm, if you can resist the temptation for that long!
I served the ice cream in my homemade crunchy krumkake cones but in keeping with “easy”, a store bought waffle cone does the trick. If it has been in the freezer for more than a day be sure to take it out a few minutes before you want to serve it so that it is not so icy but then again I love that quality about this ice cream!
You will need about 3/4 to 1 cup of passionfruit pulp to make the 1/2 cup of juice. This is simply to do – first loosen the seeds from the pulp by pulsing in the food processor  then push the pulp through a sieve and collect the gorgeous, golden juice in a small bowl. Discard the seeds ( or plant them in the garden to grow your own passionfruit).
Whenever you make ice cream or frozen desserts freeze the bowls, utensils and particularly the pan you will be freezing your ice cream in. This tip really helps to keep the ice crystals to a minimum.

Easy Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream original recipe by Marcellina

Yield 6 servings

Prep Time 20 minutes plus freezing

1/2 cup passionfruit juice, no seeds, chilled
75g/100g sugar
2 tablespoons lime juice, chilled
500g frozen mango, cubed
1/2 cup cream, well chilled

1. In a small bowl mix together the passionfruit juice, sugar and lime juice until the sugar is dissolved.

2. Place the frozen mango in the bowl of a food processor with a metal blade attached. Process until a smooth and thick consistency.

3. With the processor running add the passionfruit juice mixture.

4. Followed by the cream. Process only for 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Don’t over process or the cream could curdle.

5. Serve immediately in cold bowls or freeze in a prechilled shallow pan for 2 hours for a more firm consistency.

Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream

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