Simple but Delicious Roasted Pears that you must try!

It's pear time here in the Australia. Even in the tropical north we are enjoying beautiful pears from Australia's southern states.There are some wonderful varieties here in Australia each with it's own deliciousness. My favourite pear is the Josephine, richly...

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Quick and Easy Pancakes

These pancakes are so super quick and delicious that you can whip them up in the morning for breakfast! It's true! What makes these pancakes so fast is the oil which is used as the fat component. No melting butter for these pancakes. A bowl and a whisk is all you need...

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Tosca Cake – A Baker’s Odyssey Challenge #61

This cake has got to be one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had! Not only is this cake delicious but it has it's own baked on topping! What more could a girl ask for? Oh, that's right it's really easy too. Simply mix up the cake batter (and that IS simple...

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The Anzac Biscuit with a difference

These Anzac Biscuits zing with the warmth of ground ginger that melds perfectly with the flavour of the golden syrup. There are many recipes for Anzac biscuits and all are very similar. In this version, I have added just a couple of teaspoons of ground ginger. Anzacs...

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German Plum Cake – A Baker’s Odyssey #60

Plums are at the end of the season here in Australia. I noticed there were still a small amount of plums in the stores the other day when I was shopping. Plums are a luscious fruit and there are so many varieties. Earlier this year I came across these gorgeous plums...

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Welcome to Marcellina in Cucina


My little kitchen is in the middle of the sugarcane fields of far north Queensland, Australia. I hope to inspire you to cook and bake like an Italian.
Italians cook from the heart and for the love of those we feed.

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