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So you want to know more about Marcellina?

Who is Marcellina

My name is Marcella pronounced Mar-ch-ella. As a child I was affectionately known as Marcellina, hence the blog name.

Marcellina, Mum and sister in black and white

Many years ago my Italian mum and dad came to live in tropical north Queensland, Australia. You can find their story here and here.  We had a very traditional Italian family life, growing and producing most of our food. As a child, many nights were spent around the kitchen table shelling beans or preparing rosella’s for jam. Every year we would spend a day bottling home grown tomatoes which would last us until the next tomato season.

When I was six, my mother took me to Italy for the first time where I met my paternal and maternal grandfathers and aunts, uncles and cousins. In Italy, I was wrapped in the love of my wonderful extended family and never forgot it.

Marcellina, mum and nonno in Italy 1973

I married a local sugar cane farmer and we have two wonderful grown children. Still living on a farm, we have plenty of space to grow vegetables and have lots of fruit trees. mango, avocado, mulberry, citrus and macadamia trees bear abundantly in our climate. Occasionally, I still bottle my own tomatoes! 

In time, I knew I had to return to Italy. For me, it is like coming home and my family feel it too. In 2012, we spent a glorious three weeks visiting relatives and the sights.

Marcellina with husband and children in Italy 2012

About Marcellina in Cucina

I began Marcellina in Cucina in 2009 after joining an online baking group called The Daring Kitchen, which no longer exists but was a great place to learn and be challenged. In 2009 blogging was quite new, different and really rather simple. Over time, Marcellina in Cucina has evolved to become a learning place for all who want to know the tips and trick of Italian cooking and baking.

My Italian ethos

I believe in eating what you love and allowing your body to guide you. Italians ban no food groups! You can eat vibrant salads, rich slow braises, wonderful pastas as well as a slice of cake or dessert. The old fashion – everything in moderation. The good foods of the world are too delicious to forego. Eat that cake, enjoy the tiramisu and dunk that cookie into your coffee.

And cooking doesn’t have to be hard but should always be fun. Everyone can master a couple of recipes. Use the best quality you can afford. Italian food champions legumes, vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice and olive oil.

Working with me

If you are interested in working with me, I will be open to your suggestions. Let’s talk!

Being an Italian is in my blood but you can cook and eat like an Italian too and share in the joy of good food.

I’d loved to hear from you so drop a line or comment, it means a lot to me.

Marcellina xx