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Here in tropical Northern Australia, the sky’s are cloudy and the rain teems down intermittently so the only way to welcome in the New Year is with a Pina Colada! Tonight as we sip our Pina Coladas, we can think of more sunny times ahead which 2011 is sure to bring. 
As this is my last post for 2010 I would like to thank all my readers, who have become dear friends over the year or so of my commencing this blog, for taking time to read and comment on various posts. Thank you for your interest. From you all I have learnt so much in not only in the cooking world but of friendship, values and traditions. May you all be blessed in 2011 with joy, laughter and love.
Now you must try my Pina Colada. It’s not too late for tonight. My recipe is great because you can make it in advance and pour it into a jug. It will probably serve about 10. You just need a few ingredients.
Pina Colada
250g fresh pineapple chunks, pureed in the blender
5 cups pineapple juice ( I used sweetened – it’s up to you) 
270ml  coconut cream
1 x 50g sachet of coconut milk powder (to give an extra kick of coconut flavour – you could use essence or Malibu)
1 1/4 cups white rum
Mix all the ingredients well using the blender. Pour into a jug. Refrigerate until cold. Serve over  ice.
Enjoy Pina Coladas and don’t get caught in the rain! ( I couldn’t resist – love that song!)


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