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Summer has arrived with vengeance here in North Queensland! It’s hot
and dry and we longingly wait for the monsoons and the tropical rains. The last of the  sugar cane waiting in the fields to be harvested is crisp and brown from the heat. This morning the first of the heavy rains have started and soon all the sugar cane fields will be bare and thirstily drinking the liquid gold. This month in my kitchen were the last of the local watermelons. I turned a little of the watermelon into gelo – a Sicilian sweet pudding.

I picked up a kilo of fresh local honey – this time it’s from the puddingwood blossoms which produces an intensely flavoured, dark honey.

In the fridge there are three dozen fresh farm eggs gratefully accepted from my daughter’s colleague. Already I have started to turn these into quiches, custards and omelets.

A raspberry chocolate tart for a special dessert.

From “A Baker’s Odyssey” by my friend Greg Patent – baklava

…and also Shoofly pie

Nibbles for Christmas – Spicy nuts and bolts

This post is in conjunction with In My Kitchen hosted by the lovely Liz of Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things even though I’m a little late!

  For the month of November we at the Daring…
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