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A Baker's Odyssey
A Baker’s Odyssey is about to go out of print!!!
I have just been informed by Greg Patent, author of A Baker’s Odyssey that he has 30 autographed copies of his cookbook for sale at The Baking Wizard. After this the publisher is putting the book out of print. So get in now before this fabulous baking book is no longer available. A Baker’s Odyssey is not only a collection of international recipes from the immigrants of America, it has also proved to be a comprehensive guide to many baking techniques. And no, I am not getting paid for this, I just believe this is one of the best cookbooks a baker can have on their book shelf. 
While you’re at The Baking Wizard take a look at Greg’s award winning book “Baking in America” which is also available autographed.
Get a copy of A Baker’s Odyssey today and join me in my quest to bake my way through the book.

 I received an email from my sister entitled "Good News from…
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