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For the month of January Jelena from A Kingdom for a Cake invited us to start this year with a dreamy celebration cake. She challenged us to make the Esterhazy cake a.k.a the Hungarian dream. What better way to start the year than with a sweet dream?

I always like to prepare a special cake to celebrate birthdays. My 17 year old son has for several years not wanted anything fancy…icecream cake or a plain chocolate cake. However my daughter, whose birthday is in January, loves to try lots of different cakes. This was an advantage when Jelena of A Kingdom for a Cake hosted our Daring Bakers’ Challenge for the month of January. The Esterhazy cake we were challenge with contains 12 eggs, 300 grams of butter and 500 grams of hazelnuts…yep, a big cake… perfect for a crowd!

Esterhazy cake is made up of 5 layers of hazelnut dacquoise filled with a rich hazelnut cream. Jelena told us the the cake was first baked in the 19th century by a confectioner from Budapest who named after Prince Paul III Anton Esterhazy de Galantha, a member of the Esterhazy dynasty and diplomat of the Austrian Empire. So there is bit of royal history behind this cake.

I made a couple of adjustments to the warm filling by adding a bit of dark chocolate and a couple of tablespoons of Frangelico. While a had a bit of trouble with the chocolate web decoration the rest of the cake was relatively simple though time consuming. I would do it all again, though! A thoroughly delicious cake, perfect for a celebration! Thanks to our host, Jelena!

I have had a lot of trouble copying the recipe from the site so I decided to just post the link and my pics.I added 150g dark chocolate and 2 tablespoons of Frangelico to the filling while it was warm but other than that I stuck to the original recipe…it’s perfect!

Please find the recipe to the Esterhazy cake here.

Delicious when we got stuck into it…YUM!

For the month of December, Andrea from 4pure took us…
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