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Welcome to the 4th week of Christmas Cookies! This week my cookies is not quite a cookie but every time some one tries a piece the comment is “Oh, this would be great for Christmas!” So I bring you the Salame Dolce!
My readers will know that earlier this year my family and I hosted an Italian student. We all had so much fun sharing our ways and ideas. We also shared recipes. This is a recipe was kindly provided by our student’s mum. I have slightly adapted it, reducing the quantity and omitting the eggs which being an no-bake sweet sort of freaked me out a bit. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be that squeemish but raw eggs just don’t sit well with me. So this is my adaption of Salame Dolce – Sweet Salami! No, it has no salami in it but is it made to look like salami. Clever, isn’t it!   I know you will like it as much as we do. You can make this now and freeze it for Christmas – a great “do-ahead” recipe!
Salame Dolce
200g crushed sweet biscuits, I use Arnotts Nice – you could use Marie or similiar
100g crushed Amaretti
50g toasted almonds
50g cocoa powder
150g icing sugar (powdered sugar)
100ml liquid I used Marsala but you could try orange juice for a non-alcoholic variety or rum, brandy or whisky for an adults only version. 
150g butter, melted
100g dark chocolate, melted
Mix the dry ingredients then add the wet ingredients.
Cut two lengths greaseproof paper, one for each “salami”. Divide the dough between the two sheets of paper and spread out into a line. Roll it up into a log pressing to form the shape. Twist the end of paper to seal. Place on a baking tray (so they keep their shape) and refrigerate for a few hours. Or freeze if you are keeping it for some time.
When you are ready to serve. Remove the wrapping. You can dust the salamis lightly with flour to resemble the skin of the salami. Slice and serve. Keep it chilled to retain the shape.
If you slice it diagonally it will look more like real salami.
Week 4 Twelve Weeks of Christmas:

Freshly made pita bears little resemblance to the plastic-packaged, store-bought…
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