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The 2010 March Daring Baker’s challenge was hosted by Jennifer of Chocolate Shavings. She chose Orange Tian as the challenge for this month, a dessert based on a recipe from Alain Ducasse’s Cooking School in Paris.
This month we were challenged to make a dessert  consisting of several different  layers – pate` sablee, orange marmalade, a flavored whipped cream, fresh orange segments and a caramel and orange sauce. You build the dessert upside down and then unmold the dessert so that the bottom layer (the orange segments) becomes the top layer. Our host was specific in her requirements.
“Variations allowed:

• You can choose to serve the dessert ‘family-style’ and don’t have to make it in individual portions
• You can use your favorite “Pate Sablee” recipe if you have one, but it must be a pate sablee
• You can add any additional flavoring to your whipped cream
• You can play with different citrus in this dessert (grapefruit, blood orange, lemon) at any step in the recipe.
However, you must make the tart dough, the whipped cream, the caramel sauce, citrus segments and marmalade.”  
I decided to make individual desserts which I set in my little ceramic souffle dishes because that way I could accomodate with the family’s individual taste -you know the drill, one doesn’t like this, one screws up his nose to that!  I made the challenge tian, a jaffa icecream tian and a chocolate malteser tian ( for the chocolate lover in the family!).

So I started with the orange marmalade. I normally make lots of cumquat marmalade which is more bitter than this orange marmalade so on toast I found it a bit sweet. However in the end combination of the tian the marmalade was perfect.

Next the pate sablee – it was easy and I did not find any problems. 
I made some chocolate ones, too.
I had some trouble with the sauce. The instructions were -place the sugar in a pan on medium heat and begin heating it.Once the sugar starts to bubble and foam, slowly add the orange juice. My sugar just burnt and turned into a bitter toffee.

At this point I decided to deviate from the recipe so I mixed half of the orange juice into the sugar and allowed that to foam and bubble. Once golden and caramelized in went the rest of the juice. Finally, success!

The oranges needed to be segmented and marinated in half of the prepared sauce.
The whipped cream was stabilised with gelatine and flavoured with a little of the orange marmalade. I lined the dishes with plastic wrap which I wouldn’t do next time because I think it was unneccessary and the finished tian didn’t look smooth. Then I arranged the orange segments in the bottom ( which when unturned would become the top), filled with whipped, flavoured cream and topped with a pate sablee disc spread with marmalade (marmalade side down).
Orange Tian – a deceptively light and refreshing dessert!
For the Icecream Jaffa Tian I used a chocolate pate sablee disk, good vanilla icecream with marmalade  folded through interlaced with chocolate ganache topped with the orange segments. Chocolate ganache and orange sauce accompanied the frozen dessert. A cool change!
Chocolate Malteser Tian – pate sablee disk spread with dulce di leche, chocolate flavoured whipped cream and the Malteser topping drizzled with chocolate ganache.  Indugent! 
 Again, a great Daring Bakers challenge where there was something to be learnt for everyone. I will use this recipe but probably not as individual tians but as a “family-style” dessert. This would be great made into a tart to bring along to the next barbeque or group function. Also other versions with berries, stone fruit or even mango would be delightful. You can find the recipe for the Orange Tian here.
Thank you Jennifer for hosting this challenge and for your constant support throughout the month to all the Daring Bakers. Be sure to check out Mary Mary Culinary, Oonsky, Babara Bakes and othe Daring Bakers for their special take on the Orange Tian.

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