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Our dream holiday in Italy finished up in the south visiting relatives in Reggio di Calabria and Scilla with a brief visit to Sicily. The contrasts in one country which is very small compared to Australia, is absolutely amazing! In the places that we visited in the south it was all about the beach, the sea and what comes from it. Actually, very much like tropical, coastal North Queensland where we live.
But first no visit could begin without copious amount so delicious food!
And a passeggiata along the Reggio di Calabria’s esplanade – Lungomare.
Then off to Sicily and her sights with Mt Etna keeping a watchful eye on us the whole time.
The church of the Madonna della Rocca.
In downtown Taromina I ogled the shop windows wondering how much I would be able to bring back to Australia
Could I really return with a suitcase full of food?
Back to the mainland and off to the gorgeous fishing village of Scilla.
How lucky my cousin is to wake up every morning to the sights and sounds of Scilla.
Everything about Scilla is fascinating.
A seafood feast to round off our visit to the south was a wonderful celebration of the fruits of the sea.
Plate after plate of seafood came from the restaurant kitchen – what a splendor!
Finally an emotional visit to the church where over 50 years ago my parents were married
 – Chiesa di St Antonio, Reggio di Calabria.
Our dream is accomplished.
 Arriverderci Italia – until we meet again.

  Our Italian Dream continued in Venice.      …
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