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german plum cake


In my kitchen in February it was hot and not a lot of baking was happening. The kitchen was filled with plenty of fresh fruit and cooling salads. This summer has proven to be good growing weather. By that I mean, heavy showers followed by sun but it also equates to high humidity. Today was a mere 87% humidity! The apricots and plums ripen quickly on the kitchen bench ¬†which makes them great for cakes and tarts like this German Plum tart, another beautiful recipe from A Baker’s Odyssey by Greg Patent.

pineapple plant

Perfectly ripe pineapples are delicious in summer and I keep the pineapple tops in a container of water on my kitchen bench until roots form, then into the garden to provide me with another sweet pineapple.

apricot tart

Apricot and almond tart filled the kitchen with mouthwatering perfume and made smoko special for my hubby’s workmates.

Our backyard avocado tree has just started giving up it’s treasures. The first of this season’s avocados are now maturing in the kitchen and finding their way into salad bowls.

I had to buy this chocolate macadamia spread called Macabella when I was shopping the other day. It’s beautifully packaged and look so appealing. But doesn’t quite hit the spot like our favourite chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella.

Have you tried it?

spinach pasta

Finally, a Jamie Oliver inspired recipe of spinach pasta with zucchini and cherry tomatoes. This is a great pasta made with just baby spinach leaves and flour! It works and is so delicious!

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3 thoughts on “In my Kitchen”

  1. Oh, look at that beautiful fresh produce in your kitchen. I have been making a German plum tart since the 90s, when we enjoyed it for breakfast in a tiny village not far from the Black Forest. Loving all the goodies you have, and thank you for the very kind shout out xx

  2. Your spinach pasta looks amazing, Marcellina! And I’m craving that apricot and almond tart. We’re buried in snow so I’m craving the beautiful produce of spring and summer. Thanks for reminding me that it’s just around the corner. Love your blog!

  3. i know what you mean about the heat and not doing much cooking/baking. it’s a bit cooler today cos of the storms around; not that we got any here in brissie:) how clever of you to grow your own pineapples. i do not have a green thumb at all sadly. yes i have tried macabella but i agree that nutella is the tops!

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