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Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven. Don’t you think? I first made this chocolate tart back in May 2013 with dark 70% cocoa chocolate and roasted hazelnuts and it was delicious. Consequently when I needed a delicious but easy dessert my mind went back to this amazing tart. While I loved the bitterness of the dark chocolate this time what was needed was something more subtle.  So I reduced the chocolate and used a more mild and slightly sweet 60% cocoa chocolate, added raspberry jam to the base and, most of all, fresh raspberries on top. This tart is perfect for summer and Valentine’s Day.

The beauty of the tart is that the base is so easy, being prepared with biscuit crumbs. There is no messing with rolling out pastry and trying to ease it into the pan! There is no worry about the pastry shrinking or becoming tough!

Raspberry Jam spread into the base of tart

Finally. the filling is super easy! Just beat all the ingredients together. No fear of curdled or scorched custard. Just a smooth decadent filling which will impress your guests! Guaranteed!

Go on, try it! There is only one week until the big day!

Pouring chocolate filling over raspberry jam


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

For the base:

250g plain biscuits crumbs ( I used up whatever was lurking in the pantry – savoiardi, amaretti and some plain sweet biscuits all whizzed in the food processor)
50g ground hazelnuts
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/3 icing (confectioners) sugar
130g butter, at room temperature
Combine everything in the food processor and whizz until it all comes together. Coat an 11inch/28cm tart pan with a removable base with non-stick cooking spray. Then press the base mixture evenly over the base and sides using the back of a spoon to help you. You can let it set in the refrigerator.

For the filling:

1 cup good raspberry jam
250g dark chocolate 60%, broken up
2 cups cream
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
50ml Frangelico liqueur
1/2 teaspoon salt

Preheat the oven to 350F/180C.

Take the prepared tart base out of the refrigerator. Warm the raspberry jam slightly in the microwave until it loosens a little and carefully spread the base with raspberry jam.
Heat the cream until it bubbles (you can do this in the microwave). Add the chocolate to the cream and allow to sit for 3 or 4 minutes. Take a whisk and start slowly mixing the cream and chocolate until it is smooth and well combined. Cool a little so that the eggs don’t scramble.
Add the eggs, vanilla, Frangelico and salt. Whisk well.
Pour this mixture into your prepared tart pan. I had a small, maybe a couple of spoonfuls, amount of mixture left over that didn’t fit into the tart pan. Remember not to overfill because we need to add the topping. Carefully transfer to your hot oven and bake undisturbed for 25 minutes. Allow the tart to cool for about 15 minutes then transfer to the refrigerator to cool completely.

For the ganache topping:

1/2 cup cream
100g dark chocolate 60%, broken up
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon Frangelico

Heat the cream (again you can do this in the microwave) add the chocolate and allow to sit for a few minutes. Whisk to combine the chocolate and cream then add the honey and Frangelico. Pour this delicious mixture all over the top of the tart. Don’t use anything to spread it. Just tip the tart around to spread the topping. This will result in a mirror like finish. Return to the refrigerator until set. Before serving decorate with fresh raspberries. r.

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

This is spicy and crunchy snack, commonly known as Nuts…
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